Dr. Mary Kaye Rueth, DPT offers oncology and orthopedic physical therapy services for complex/chronic conditions and wellness consulting. She has been serving the Southwest Florida market since 2007. She is a PORI certified clinician for oncology rehab, the only provider on the west coast of Florida. Mary Kaye came to Score in April of 2012 and SCORE has been mentoring her since then. The issues she faced when she came to SCORE were how to develop a business plan, budgets, and a financial template. She also needed to address time management issues, profitability measurement, and generally how to run a business and plan for growth.

In the short term, SCORE helped the client to: manage her business, measure business performance, and plan for future growth. Over the past five years her business has tripled in size and profitability has increased significantly. She has also become a clinical instructor educating students who are preparing for graduation from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at FGCU and the PTA program at Hodges University.

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