L Design Studio is a turnkey interior design business with a focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, furniture, window treatment, art accessories, and design build services. The client needed assistance managing the rapid growth of her business, maintaining its organization, and evaluating its cash-flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets. SCORE helped to identify the main issues facing the business and assisted with formulating a step-by-step plan to implement solutions.

SCORE’s assistance allowed the client to hire additional staff and enabled it to grow from one employee/owner to a team of four. It will soon be occupying its first office space. The ability to read and interpret financial statements was critical in this step. L Design has been able to rapidly expand its volume of work as a result.

“The assistance SCORE provided allowed me to hire additional staff and the company went from one employee/owner to a team of four.”
Meet Lyndsey Davis Nicklas and hear her talk about her business journey and how SCORE Naples helped:

L Design Studio