Mike Egan, the founder of Gyroscope Capital, a registered investment advisor, approached SCORE Naples in January, 2016. He had founded his firm in 2006, but needed help in accelerating the firm’s growth. Although he was an exceptional portfolio manager, generating returns of between 6-7% per year, he did not have a background in marketing. This is where SCORE came in.

My successes. 

The sales cycle in the money management field is a long one, and Mike is successfully executing his marketing plan with SCORE’s help. Since working with SCORE, Gyroscope’s portfolio’s assets rose from $158 million in 2015 to a current $230 million. In the same period, clients increased from 274 to 498.

How SCORE helped. 

Mike’s SCORE mentors helped him to define his overall market and the key market segments he should target (i.e., other money managers who could refer clients to him). SCORE then helped him to identify: his key competitors, his points of competitive advantage, his marketing messages, and the right people to contact.

What's great about my mentor? 

“Our entire team benefitted and continues to benefit from our relationship with our SCORE mentor, Michael Komar. Mike’s 30+ years’ experience in marketing transferred to the investment management business, helping us identify potential opportunities and overcome obstacles.”

Gyroscope Capital