Design Match

Design Match is a unique design service that connects homeowners with design professionals that suit them best. Design Match uses personality, style and budget information gathered through interviews to match customers to interior designers, architects and builders. Creating a team of professionals and customers that work well together results in a successful design project.

SCORE was able to evaluate the benefit and need of this service, one unique to SWFL, and helped Design Match get started. The owner, Lynn Pitochelli, believes that if it wasn’t for SCORE, she wouldn’t have been able to launch Design Match. As a result, Design Match has been building a client base for two years, and has also added a marketing and public relations service to her design professionals.

Lynn Pitochelli


L Design Studio

L Design Studio is a turnkey interior design business with a focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, furniture, window treatment, art accessories, and design build services. The client needed assistance managing the rapid growth of her business, maintaining its organization, and evaluating its cash-flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets. SCORE helped to identify the main issues facing the business and assisted with formulating a step-by-step plan to implement solutions.

SCORE’s assistance allowed the client to hire additional staff and enabled it to grow from one employee/owner to a team of four. It will soon be occupying its first office space. The ability to read and interpret financial statements was critical in this step. L Design has been able to rapidly expand its volume of work as a result.

“The assistance SCORE provided allowed me to hire additional staff and the company went from one employee/owner to a team of four.”

Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer


La Colmar Bistro and Bakery

The client came to SCORE in early 2016 with industry experience, a business plan but no financing. With the help of a SCORE mentor’s coaching, the client refined his business plan and began networking among potential investors and influencers within the Naples restaurant and real estate communities. He was successful in attracting a financial partner and opened the business in the summer of 2017 with considerable publicity and achieved early success. The business is now thriving and has received critical acclaim in the Naples press. Originally open for breakfast and lunch they are planning to launch a dinner menu in 2018, and a wholesale business in the near future.

"My SCORE mentor was a great fit for my needs. I have a great connection with him."

Yannick and Ana Brendel


Naples Coastal Animal Hospital

The client came to SCORE in early 2017. The client was an associate veterinarian at a local veterinary clinic and wished to open her own business. SCORE mentors assisted the client in location planning, financing, marketing and other aspects of business start-up. The clinic opened its doors in fall 2017 and its first full month’s revenues exceeded $50,000.

Dr. Sterling Sigmond


Thrive Physical Therapy and
Wellness Solutions Naples Florida

Dr. Mary Kaye Rueth, DPT offers oncology and orthopedic physical therapy services for complex/chronic conditions and wellness consulting. She has been serving the Southwest Florida market since 2007. She is a PORI certified clinician for oncology rehab, the only provider on the west coast of Florida. Mary Kaye came to Score in April of 2012 and SCORE has been mentoring her since then. The issues she faced when she came to SCORE were how to develop a business plan, budgets, and a financial template. She also needed to address time management issues, profitability measurement, and generally how to run a business and plan for growth.

In the short term, SCORE helped the client to: manage her business, measure business performance, and plan for future growth. Over the past five years her business has tripled in size and profitability has increased significantly. She has also become a clinical instructor educating students who are preparing for graduation from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at FGCU and the PTA program at Hodges University.

Dr. Mary Kaye Rueth, DPT


B-Vibrant Wellness Studio – Naples Power Plate Studio

The client contacted SCORE in early 2014 to get assistance in writing a business plan to open a wellness studio.  At that time the client had a small base of clients and was cost-sharing space with another personal trainer.  Originally, the client was looking at raw space and a build out once an opportunity presented itself.  She then received an offer to purchase an existing studio.

SCORE guided the client through the business planning process and ultimately assisted in the purchase of the studio. The assistance from SCORE saved the client money and help her avoid the pitfalls that many new business ventures encounter.

The studio was opened in May 2014.  Upon opening the client was the sole employee, with 2 machines and seeing roughly 15 clients per day.  Today, she has an additional 8 employees, 7 machines and sees roughly 70 clients per day.

Lisa Dimond, Founder & Master Trainer


waterLESS Lanai Cleaning

Coming from a family of engineers and a dad who never stopped inventing better ways to do things, the client spent 3 months researching and developing a way to clean upper-level lanais, in a way that would not intrude on the neighbors below! In April 2015 WaterLESS Lanai Cleaning LLC was formed.

With 30 years of business experience, the client didn’t need the usual business advice, he was looking for a professional that would keep him on the right business path and also act as a sounding board for all the crazy ideas that he would come up with. This is where SCORE jumped in. With SCORE’S help, the client was able to develop an excellent business plan, and most importantly, an exit plan that would lead up to his ultimate goal of selling the business to supplement his retirement.

Since 2015, the company has grown and now services well over 300 clients living in small vacation condos to multi-million dollar penthouses overlooking the Gulf. In December 2017, with the help of SCORE, the client achieved his goal. The business is now owned and managed by a former employee, a long time Naples resident who has the energy, equipment and manpower to handle the challenges of keeping his clients, and their neighbors below, happy.

“With SCORE’s help, I was able to develop an excellent business plan, and most importantly, an exit plan that would lead up to my ultimate goal of selling the business to supplement my retirement.”

David J Klapatch


Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins

Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins is a wellness store that provides longevity coaching, organic hair services, holistic beauty services and more. The client came to SCORE to get assistance with inventory control and cash flow. SCORE helped the client to implement new systems to manage purchasing, keep track of inventory, and better understand financials and projections. Now the client reports that purchasing and inventory are completely under control and she can simply look at a single sheet and monitor all of her spending.

“SCORE was amazing! The mentor came in and helped me to implement new systems to keep inventory purchasing under control, how to better keep track of inventory, and how to understand numbers and projections. Our spending is completely under control now and I can simply look at a sheet and see where we are at for spending!”

Mariesa Smola, Owner and Service Specialist